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Wall Street Journal
Beach Getaway in the Fall – When the Crowds are Gone

Many of the most scenic island destinations in the U.S. and Europe – from Block Island to Sardinia – clear out in the fall. That’s your cue to move in.

Sardinia, Italy
Once the yachts motor away and the ritzy resorts shutter for the season, this Mediterranean showoff returns to its unassuming self. The biggest crowds you’ll find are the locals weaving around the Autunno in Barbagia festival, held each weekend from September through December. That’s where you can stock up on regional cheeses, liquor and other traditional foodstuffs

Fall also sees prices drop, making it an affordable time to check out Costa Smeralda, celebrity central in summer. Book a room at Cervo Hotel, overlooking the old harbor, from about $210 a night


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сардинии в октябре

сардинии в октябрe